Tin Cloth

SStyleimprimatur_Filson_Tin_Cloth_Backpack_Runway_Product_Outfit_Fashion_Shopping_BlogIt’s funny what catches your eye, I was sitting on a tiny plane a couple of weeks ago enroute from Florence to London when I saw a hip young couple stowing their overhead luggage. As the girl swung her bag overhead I clocked it as a Filson and indeed on closer inspection (I am a total stalker when it comes to fashion finds, so I walked close behind her when we exited) it was indeed the Filson Tin Cloth Backpack (also here, here, and here) in Otter Green. There was something instantly recognisable in its simplicity of design.

I was first introduced to Filson by a friend of mine who carefully makes his fashion choices based on classics and longevity and his Filson Harvey Messenger Bag has stood the test of time, looking better in its aged state than when he first bought it.


Styleimprimatur_Tash_Oakley_Marysia_Swim_Broadway_Bikini_Runway_Product_Outfit_Fashion_Shopping_BlogApart from Tash Oakley’s killer bod, or more likely because of it, I thought this Marysia Swim Broadway Bikini  was great the moment I saw it on her.  You can purchase the complete set or buy them separately as the Marysia Swim Broadway Bikini Top and the newly realeased Marysia Swim Santa Barbara Bikini Bottom (which has the scalloped edge at the top rather than the bottom edging, which is better for tan lines in my opinion). If a one-piece is more your style there’s also the  Marysia Swim Broadway Reversible One-Piece Swimsuit (also here, here and here).

Cusco Wrap

Styleimprimatur_Ulla_Johnson_Wrap_White_Jacket_Runway_Product_Outfit_Fashion_Shopping_BlogWith a camping and bike riding Easter family holiday just around the corner, I have been day dreaming about the perfect by-the-campfire wardrobe. This Ulla Johnson Cusco Wrap (variously in claro and black here, here, here, here, here, here, here) would definitely be at the top of this list. Peruvian hand loomed perfection which would also double duty nicely as uber-cool festival and beach wear.