No show


This text came through from my friend Tal today and like many from friends before, it inspired me to put together a blog post. I’m sure I get these questions so often because I spend an inordinate amount of time contemplating the optimum aspects of everything I buy from the best neckline on a tee to my favourite mug shape. Therefore, for a trainer lover like myself, I have given the no show sock a lot of thought and for me what is paramount is that it is cotton rich and it stays on. Seems simple enough but most styles I have tried need to be constantly adjusted and don’t stay on properly. It was on this basis that I found these Hue Air Cushion No Show Socks  (also here, here and here) when I was in Hawaii (here actually and yes the same trip where I bought the aforementioned Chanel lipstick) which work best with a higher profile trainer like the Adidas Superstar. As for a thinner, less sporty sock, I like these Barneys Men’s Ankle Socks, they have slightly higher sides than the women’s style so that they stay on better and go best with lower profile trainers like Converse (I like to wear them with my ankle boots as well).