styleimprimatur_fashion_shopping_blog_neon_hart_intricate_keyringI love sharing information (that’s why I started this blog) and so think nothing of asking anyone who is wearing something I like where they got it from and they have always been so kind. Yesterday I spotted a girl carrying a handbag just like mine with this Neon Hart Intricate Keyring charm hanging of it, she shared with me and now I am doing the same with you. Thank you lovely girl on the bus! Photo: General Pants

Ballet Crop

Styleimprimatur_The_Upside_Ballet_Crop_Top_Outfit_Fashion_Shopping_BlogLike so many other little girls I aspired to be a prima ballerina though admittedly the biggest draw for me was the clothing (Swan Lake – sigh!). These The Upside Ballet Crop Tops (also here, here, here, here, here and here) have allowed me to tap in to that childhood dream and not only are they great to work out in but also to wear with more open topsPhoto: The Upside