Styleimprimatur_One_Teaspoon_Ford_Hawks_Denim_Shorts_Product_Outfit_Fashion_Shopping_BlogBeing  a big fan of denim shorts, I have plenty of the slouchy hip hanging style (those particular ones being the One Teaspoon Rollers Denim Shorts) but have been wanting a distressed high-waisted pair for a while so decided to give these One Teaspoon Hawks Denim Shorts (some washes also on sale here),  a try and they are great! Today I am wearing the One Teaspoon Phantome Hawks Denim Shorts and I also picked up these One Teaspoon Ford Hawks Denim Shorts (pictured above). You will see that although they are both called “Hawks” there is a slight difference in the detailing but the fit is the same. A couple of things to keep in mind when ordering are that they are true to size and have no stretch. Photo: One Teaspoon

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