Juice Pack


In recognition of World AIDS day 1st December I wanted to feature an indispensable part of my daily equipment, this (RED)® Mophie Juice Pack Plus, a portion of proceeds from which go towards (RED)® for the fight against AIDS.

I don’t know about you but I am never far from my phone so it is important that it looks good and can keep up with me through the day. Various options have been tried and discarded but this Mophie Juice Pack Plus (available widely, options here and here) has been a life saver! Stylish, sturdy and sustaining, it is my constant companion.

Graphic Clutch


Photo: Kawaiian Lion Les Dudes Superpocket

My abiding love of fonts and typography is clear on instagram. Fashion-wise this has translated in to an inordinate interest in lettering on clothing and accessories.

Here is a round up of some delightful graphic clutches I have spyed recently: there is the chambray denim surfer cool vibe of this Kawaiian Lion Les Dudes Superpocket (also available here), this Madewell Bon Voyage Pouch (or Madewell Artiste Pouch ), this Our Lieu Hola Clutch and also this Our Lieu Beautiful Chaos Clutch. Here’s one of mine in action.

Raffia Hat


Photo: Country Road Summer 2014 Catalogue

Yesterday while walking in the city I spotted a stylish shopper wearing this Country Road High Crown Raffia hat and asked if I could take a photo of her. I like to do this from time to time as inspiration for my own wardrobe. Without me even asking she offered that it was bought at Country Road (also available in black) and is still in stores now. I was really touched as this is exactly the spirit in which I started this blog. So here I am passing on the gem she passed on to me.  Continue reading

Friendship is important, but a bag will get in the way


Photo: Jerome Dreyfuss Eliot Bag from The Corner

I was out on Friday night with some girlfriends and without consciously thinking about it, when I placed my handbag on the spare chair beside me, I put a serviette over the top and pushed it towards the back of the seat. The night continued with drinking, laughing and general catch up. Then, inexplicably, my girlfriend Sonia flung her arm in the air and knocked over her cranberry juice filled drink across the table towards me, ice cubes and all. She looked stricken and I know, because she is such a dear friend of mine, that she was thinking of my bag. Continue reading



I have been wanting to start a fashion blog for the longest time and as the old saying “How do you eat an elephant?”… “one bite at a time”… goes … here is my first bite.

Featured will be things I am mad about, distilled and available for anyone who wants some inspiration.

Enjoy and I would love to know what you think! Continue reading